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Toronto Maha Vihara Buddhist Meditation Centre,
4698 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON M1E 2P9, Canada.,
Tel: (416) 208 9276   Fax:(647) 349-0444

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Ayan Vassāna Kālo This is the Rainy Retreat Season


Inviting the Venerable monks to
participate in the Rainy Retreat.

Toronto Mahavihara Resident Bhikkhus were invited to participate in the Rainy Retreat (Vas) on 9th of July 2017. The Rainy Retreat will terminate on 1st of October 2017 and the Katina Ceremony will take place on 7th and 8th of October 2017. During this period, the venerable Bhikkhus will dedicate all of their time to spiritual development and lay community will take special care and attention to their needs. On all Sundays evenings during this period there will be special Dhamma Sermons. If you wish to sponsor any of these Dhamma Talks please contact the temple (tel. 416 208-9276).

The venerable Bhikkhus who were invited to participate in the Rainy Retreat were:

  • Most Ven. Ahangama Rathanasiri Nayaka Thero, Viharadhipathy.
  • Ven. Chandaar Bodhi Thero
  • Ven. Lunugamvehere Rewatha Thero
  • Ven. Tirirathana.


Inviting the Venerable monks to
participate in the Rainy Retreat.

The Vas Committee 2017:

  • Kavishvara Hissella and Manuja Perera Family. Tel. (905) 686-1043
  • Channa and Disna Seneviratne Family. Tel. (416) 701-0047
  • Kusal and Chandima Perera Family. Tel. (416) 609-1085

Construction of a new Building for Monks' Residence


A 3-D model of the new building was unveiled
at the Launching Ceremony
held on 17th of April 2016

As approved at the AGM of the Toronto Mahavihara Society held on 15th of March 2015, the construction of a new Building for the residence of monks is presently in its planning stage. The Construction Project Launching Ceremony was held on 17th of April 2016 in the presence of a large gathering of especial invitees, members and friends.

The new building will mainly provide additional space for accommodation of monks. In addition it will also benefit the entire Buddhist community including children as a place of religious veneration of the monks.

A 3-d Model of the new building was unveiled by Venerable Udupihille Wimalabuddhi Thero and Dr. Sumithra Peiris while Jayamangala Gatha were being chanted.

Next Sil Observance Day (Binara Poya) - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Sattapanni Rock Cave

Binara Full Moon Day marks the establishment
of Bhikkhuni Order on the initiative
of the Maha Prajapati Gotami
the step-mother of the Buddha.

Next Sil Observance Day at Mahavihara is Sunday, the 3rd of September 2017, to mark Binara Poya Full-moon day which falls on Tuesday 5th of September. The Sil Program starts at 8.30am and terminates at 5.00pm. Devotees are kindly requested to be present in the Dhamma Hall at least by 8.15am.

The Vas Sermon on this day will be delivered at about 4.00pm. A more detailed E-mail will be sent close to the date.

For the annual Poya Program and other details, please click the "Poya Calendar" button on the right.

Two Day Meditation Retreat (in Sinhala) By Dr. Lalith Ranatunga
9th & 10th of August 2017

Dhamma Hall

Toronto Mahavihara
Dhamma Hall

A two-day Buddhist meditation retreat will be held at Toronto Maha Vihara, on 9th & 10th of August 2017 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Retreat will be conducted by Dr Lalith Ranatunga a renown Meditation Master from Sri Lanka on invitation by Sudharma and Gamini Jayatillake.

Participation is free of charge but please register to confirm your participation. For registration please contact Sudharma or Gamini by e-mail: Registration will be closed when the Dhamma Hall capacity is reached. Participants will be provided with meals and refreshments throughout the day.

Dr. Ranatunga conducts meditation retreats all around the world including Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, UK and North America in both Sinhala and English. This year it will be conducted at Toronto Mahavihara in Sinhala medium.


Elementary Pali Course - Every Monday at 7.00pm

New Course in Reading Pali Entering the Word of the Buddha Author : Gair, James W and Karunatillake, W S

New Course in
Reading Pali
Entering the
Word of the

The New Pali Course ( Part 1 & 2)By Prof.A.P. Buddhadatta Maha NayakaThera

The New Pali
By Prof. A.P.
Maha Thera

Toronto Mahavihara is pleased to offer an elementary course in Pāli Grammer and Vocabulary to those who are seriously interested in learning the basics of Pāli Language. Pāli is the language of the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism, which were written in Sri Lanka during the 1st century BC. Therefore the familiarity with Pāli language is an essential part of studying Buddha's discourses in their original form.

The course is conducted by Venerable Ahangama Rathanasiri Nayaka Thero, on every Monday from 7.00pm. The first class was held on 15th Aug. 2012. A text book titled "The New Pāli Course Parts 1 and 2" authored by Ven. Polwatte Buddhadattha Mahathera was used to guide the participants through the program. You can download the .pdf version of this book at this link or clicking on the image on the right above.

Having completed the entire Book 1 and first two chapters of Book 2 of The New Pāli Course mentioned above, the study program has now moved to the use of "A New Course in Reading Pali: Entering the Word of the Buddha" by James W. Gair and W.S. Karunatillake, with effect from 2nd of November 2015. (See image on the left above).

Sunday Meditation Program

Samadhi Buddha Statue

Samadhi (Meditation) Buddha Statue
at Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Meditation sessions are conducted on Sundays, from 8.30 to 10.00am except on Poya (Sil) Sundays. Please check the Poya Calendar in the right column for Poya (Sil) days on which devotees will observe Eight or Ten Precepts and this Meditation program is not held.