Toronto Mahavihara Scholarship Foundation

   Registered as a Non-Government Organisation in Sri Lanka.

    Affiliated to Toronto Mahavihara Society, Toronto, Canada

Our Vision

It is our belief that Education is the key to a better life no matter where you live or what your circumstances may be. It is also our belief that a half a world away living in one of the richest countries having a highest standard of living, we have a moral and ethical duty to help the needy and underprivileged in other parts of the world.

We also believe that small steps taken in the right direction and with dedication and sacrifice, can achieve great results. Giving a helping hand to these children who are trodden by the burden of poverty and having a sub-standard quality of life will be a great service to their families and community. This is a noble effort to provide a support system that permit them to achieve their potential.

Our scholarship project is originated by the Toronto Mahavihara Society and, administered by the Toronto Mahavihara Scholarship Foundation. It is open to anyone irrespective of color, religion or nationality. In its first phase the Society intends to provide financial support to Tsunami affected and needy children in Sri Lanka to help achieve their Educational goals.

Our vision is to expand the scholarship grants to as many underprivileged and needy children as possible, living in difficult socio-economic circumstances, irrespective of their race , religion and their background, and to see that they are successful in their lives which would have been not possible otherwise.

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