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Donation Received from Canada Sri Lanka Women's Association

CSLWA Donation CSLWA Donation

We are pleased to receive a donation of $500.00 from The Canada Sri Lanka Women's Association (CSLWA) on 15th of January 2017 towards the payment of grants to the scholarship holders.

The donation was made by CSLWA President, Lathika Geekiyanage to Most Venerable Ahangama Rathanasiri Nayaka Thero, the President of The Toronto Mahavihara Scholarship Foundation, at Toronto Mahavihara in the presence of other CSLWA Board Members. The Ceremony was preceded by a Buddha Pooja.

Scholarship Awards - 2016

Our first scholarship batch that commenced on 1st of Aug. 2009 at Grade 8 completed its study program at the end of 2014, upon the scholars sitting for G.C.E (A.L) Examination.

A new batch of 19 scholars is now being sponsored by the Foundation. The names of the new scholars are gien under the "Awards" button on the right. A new scheme of recruitment of scholars for the Second Scholarship Batch has been implemented, since the criteria of Tsunami impact that was applied in the first batch is no longer valid. Following are the basic criteria that will be applied for the new batch:

  • The primary criterion of eligibility is that the applicant should reside and attend a school in the Tsunami ( year 2004) affected region in Sri Lanka (i.e six administrative districts : Galle, Matara, Hambantota, Ampara, Baticoloa and Trincomale).
  • The applicant must be in Grade 8 on the 1st of January 2016, and hold a Sri Lankan Govt. 5th Standard scholarship.
  • Scholarship program is primarily geared towards the children in low income families.
  • Educational background: Minimum school overall performance average of 65% is required.
  • Extracurricular activities of the applicant will also be given consideration.

Grants are awarded strictly based on the four main factors, namely,

  • Region of residence and schooling.
  • Being a Government 5th Standard Scholarship Holder
  • Socio Economic condition of the child/family and
  • The educational achievement.

Scholarship Awards - 2009

After some unavoidable delay in transferring Canadian Tsunami Disaster funds to Sri Lanka, the scholarship program has commenced with the selection of 26 applicants to receive monthly grants. However as a result of some recipients not filling the appropriate forms correctly, only 23 have so far been cleared. Arrangements have been made to disburse their grants with effect from 1st Aug. 2009.

Though it was the original intention of the Foundation to award scholarships proportionately among the six Districts, it was not possible to do so because there were no sufficient number of qualified applications from some Districts.

Scholarship Certificate Awarding Ceremony - 2009 Batch

Scholars who attended the Ceremony Scholar receiving Certificate

An elaborate ceremony was held on 30th August 2009 at Jayasumanaramaya, Goviyapana, Ahangama, Sri Lanka, presided by the president of The Foundation, Ven. Ahangama Rathanasiri Thero to present Scholarship Certificates to 14 recipients. Although all the recipients were informed of the ceremony, only 14 were able to attend the ceremony. Two of these recipents have travelled all the way from Batticaloa with their parents and stayed overnight at Goviyapana. The ceremony was graced by a Sri Lankan Government Minister. Please click here to view a sample of the certificate.

Scholarship Grants affected by lowered Sri Lankan Bank Rates

Toronto Mahavihara Foundation Scholarship Program depends on the interest income earned from funds invested in Sri Lanka. Recent downward trend in the Sri Lankan Bank interest rate has severely impacted our recurrent project funding. To continue the number of grants awarded for the year 2009 without reduction, Foundation Administration Board has decided to float the monthly grant based on the interest income generated during a given quarter.

As such, the recipients will receive the monthly grant of 2000SLR for the first three months period (August - October, 2009), but likely to receive a lesser amount during the next three months. Future grant amount will vary based on the prevailing interest rate. Board will continue to monitor the situation and will take every effort to award the maximum (up to 2000SLR) whenever possible.

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