Toronto Mahavihara Scholarship Foundation

   Registered as a Non-Government Organisation in Sri Lanka.

    Affiliated to Toronto Mahavihara Society, Toronto, Canada

Toronto Mahavihara Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization affiliated to Toronto Mahavihara Society in Toronto, Canada and registered in Sri Lanka as a Non Governemental Organization: Registration No: FL-128504 of 13th May 2008. You may see the details of registration here

Its parent organisation, The Toronto Mahavihara Society, formed in 1978, maintains the largest and one of the most established Buddhist temples of Sri Lankan origin in Canada.

On Boxing Day, 2004, the great Tsunami struck South East Asia killing nearly 40,000 people in Sri Lanka alone, displacing some one million persons, and totally destroying several thousands of property.

As a result, contributions poured into Toronto Maha Vihara Society. Most of these donations were sent to Sri Lanka for Housing construction projects for Tsunami victims. Offshoot of the Tsunami associated projects is the birth of Toronto Mahavihara Scholarship Foundation in 2007 with a vision to support needy children of Sri Lanka coming from difficult socio-economic background, but with a potential to be successful with monetary support to continue their education. The scholarships are open for children in Tsunami affected areas in Sri lanka, irrespective of race, gender, color or religion.

The scholarship management is conducted by a committee of members elected by the Toronto Mahavihara Society general membership. Handling of its finances is overseen by that Society in accordance with the requirements of Canadian Regulations.

Message from the President, Toronto Mahavihara Society,
Most Ven. Ahangama Rathanasiri Thero

          Toronto Mahavihara Society has embarked on yet another gracious project, this time to help needy children in the Tsunami affected areas in Sri Lanka. Many of these children have lost their parents and close relatives together with their homes. I am extremely glad that our Society has decided to make use of part of the Tsunami Fund to a very worthwhile cause of helping these young lives to rebuild their future. This project will certainly go a long way and its scope will expand with time.
     May I therefore appeal to our friends in Canada and elsewhere to join hands with us to help grow this project to cover a larger number of children annually. It is not only a an opportunity to show our compassion to these little sons and daughters of Sri Lanka but also an obligation on our part.

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