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   Registered as a Non-Government Organisation in Sri Lanka.

    Affliated to Toronto Mahavihara Society, Toronto, Canada


2016 Scholarship Application Forms

Applicants may download the instructions and forms from the links given below or obtain from the addresses given on this Page. Please read the instructions before filling the forms. Please ensure that the submitted forms are complete in all respects. Incomplete forms will, very likely, be rejected and subsequent appeals may not be entertained.

How our Scholarship Program is administered is described in detail, in a document available for your reference. It would be advisable to read it before applying for a scholarship. Please click here to view it.

All forms are in PDF format and you need Acrobat Reader to view the forms. If Acrobat Reader is not installed in your computer, please download it here: Download latest Acrobat Reader

Completed forms should be mailed or handed over personally to either of these two addresses:

Instructions for filling Application Forms. Click "Download" link below.

Educational Information Forms. (Form "B"). Click "Download" link below.

Personal Information Forms (Form "A"). Click "Download" link below.

Miscellaneous Forms. Click "Download" link below.

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