Toronto Mahavihāra - New Āvāsage Construction Project
Construction Contribution Pledges

As approved at the AGM held on 15th March 2015, the construction of a new residence for monks is presently in planning stage. The building comprises two levels of residential areas and a basement designed with future needs in mind. It is estimated that the total cost of the project is $1.8 million some part of which, the Society expects to procure by a Bank Loan. Toronto Mahavihara Society appeals to all its members and friends of the Society to extend their generous support in realizing this target amount. Please enter your contribution amounts and other information in the form below.

Monetary Contribution Options
Cash, Cheque, Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) and PayPal

The donations (cheques or cash) may be handed over to one of the resident monks in an envelope marked "Āvasage Donation Fund" with your name and amount written on it. All received donations will immediately be deposited in a special Bank Account opened solely for the Āvasage Donation Fund.

It will be appreciated if the pledged contributions are delivered as soon as possible. A tax receipt will be mailed to the address you enter in the "Mailing Address" Box. If you wish to make any other form of donation or for further information please contact Toronto Mahavihara.
Tel: (416) 208 9276.

Please use the form below to make your pledge of contribution.
                                                               Please help succeed in this worthy project.  See table at the bottom for pledges made so far.
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1.0 Supply and Instal - Unit Rates
1.1Door (Entrance Door) External$ 4500 1.2Exit Doors - Unit Rate$ 2950
1.3Internal Doors - Unit Rate$ 1525 1.4Windows (Upper Level) - Unit Rate$ 1750
1.5Windows (Lower Level) - Unit Rate$ 2150 1.6Washrooms Complete in Ground Level - Unit Rate$ 4500
1.7Washrooms Complete in First Floor Level - Unit Rate$ 4500 1.8Washrooms Complete in Basement Floor Level - Unit Rate$ 4500
1.9Roofing - Unit Rate$ 3900 1.10Parking Lot upgrade - Unit rate$ 6450
2.0 Finishes Supply and Install - Unit Rates
2.1Basement and Stair Painting (all Levels)$ 4950 2.2Common Area Painting$ 1850
2.3Ground Floor Room Painting$ 2100 2.4First Floor Room Painting$ 2100
2.5Flooring - Common Area Tiling (complete building)$ 2950 2.6Flooring - Common Area Hard wood (complete building)$ 3100
3.0 Services Supply and Install - Unit Rates
4.1Heating and Air Conditioning System - Unit Rate$ 2500 4.2Electrical System - Unit Rate$ 3500
4.3Portable Water and Drainage System - Unit Rate$ 3200 4.4Rainwater Management System - Unit Rate$ 3850
5.0 Equipment and Furniture Supply and Install - Unit Rates
5.1Kitchen Equipment - Unit Rate$ 3250 5.2Pantry Cupboards - Unit Rate$ 4500
5.3Laundry Equipment with racks/cabinets - Unit Rate$ 1500 5.4Complete Furniture including BR Furniture - Unit Rate$ 3950
5.5Kitchen and Pantry Counter Tops - Unit Rate$ 5200     
6.0 Other Unit Rates
6.1Pledge for Loan$ 5000 6.2Foundation Stones$ 325
6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount$ 1.00     
Total: $ Move cursor out of box after entering an amount to view total.


DateNameCodeDonated ItemUnitsValueStatus
2024-07-20 12:20:50Ananda Jayampathy Subasinghe6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount1000$1,000.00Pledge
2024-07-06 15:53:18Angjalie Sangakkara6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-12 09:57:23Anjaly Mallawa Arachchi6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 by E-transfer 12 July 2024
2024-07-16 07:43:12Anoja Senaratne6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-20 18:52:42Asoka S Perera6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount500$500.00Paid $500.00 by PayPal 20 July 2024
2024-07-09 12:24:11Chaminda & Lakshita Nagahawatte6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid By E-transfer 10 July 2024
2024-07-15 19:59:52Chandra Kasthuriratne6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-16 20:23:34Chandrika and Elvis Martin6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 by E-transfer 17 July 2024
2024-07-15 10:23:17Chitrica Pandithasekera6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-18 09:54:27Daya & Ajantha Sarathchandra6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount1000$1,000.00Pledge
2024-07-20 19:26:06Eranga Gunasena6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 by PayPal 20 July 2024
2024-07-19 04:30:56GIHAN DE SILVA6.2Foundation Stones2$650.00Paid $650.00 by PayPal 19 July 2024 by Buddhika Silva
2024-07-20 12:24:55H.N.Sumanawathi (+Pramila Subasinghe)6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount1000$1,000.00Paid $1000.00 by PayPal 20 July 2024
2024-07-10 09:01:50Hasintha Nagodavithan6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount100$100.00Pledge
2024-07-07 16:22:13Hongbin6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount100$100.00Paid By PayPal 7 July 2024
2024-07-07 15:26:26Indu Kalutantiri6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid in July 2024
2024-07-07 15:39:06Indu Kalutantiri4.1Heating and Air Conditioning System - Unit Rate0.2$500.00Paid in July 2024
2024-07-20 11:19:47Maya Dissanayake and Putha Dhananjaya6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 by PayPal 20 July 2024
2024-07-18 08:05:57Mikayla Martin6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 by PayPal 18 July 2024
2024-07-14 18:35:09Neelakanthi Abeywardena6.2Foundation Stones3$975.00Pledge
2024-07-21 07:40:21Palitha Hegoda / Yvonne Hegoda6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 by cheque #064 of 21 July 2024
2024-05-11 05:38:53Prasanna Warnasuriya4.1Heating and Air Conditioning System - Unit Rate0.2$500.00Paid $500.00 on 11 May 2024
2024-07-20 12:50:48Ravi Jayatilake6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-15 20:09:38Sanjeewani Dassanayaka6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-18 18:19:11Sarath Perera6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 by PayPal 18 July 2024
2024-07-15 16:54:07Anonymous6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount5000.00$5,000.00Pledge
2024-07-06 15:48:39Susee and Sanaraja Sangakkara6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-18 19:33:45Suseth Weerasooriya6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pledge
2024-07-21 12:25:31Theja Gunasekera6.2Foundation Stones3$975.00Pledge
2024-07-10 11:51:17Uthpala A6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Paid $325.00 PayPal 12 July 2024 By Anoshan A
2024-07-17 00:19:50Vinesha Perera & Girlin Perera6.2Foundation Stones3$975.00Paid $975.00 by PayPal - 17 July 2024
2024-07-21 06:46:04Wilson & Chitra Jayakody6.3Cash Donation for Construction Cost - Enter Amount1000$1,000.00Pledge
2024-07-11 17:06:42Yasmin Seneviratne and James Piper6.2Foundation Stones1$325.00Pad $325.00 PayPal on 12 July 2024
GRAND TOTAL$20,450.00 


Item CodeItem NameTotal UnitsUnits
4.1Heating and Air Conditioning System - Unit Rate260.425.6
6.2Foundation Stones030-30

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