Regulations for


    1. Toronto Mahavihara Society is the sole owner of the website: From time to time, the society shall appoint an administrator/webmaster to maintain the site. The administrator/webmaster shall operate under the instructions of the Committee.

    2. The administrator or webmaster of reserves the right to edit, modify, or delete, in whole or part, any aspect of this site, at his (her) own discretion and without notice or warning. This however excludes the text contents of the Home Page, History and Mission statements. Any modifications to the text contents in these pages require the consent of Viharadhipathi and the Committee.

    3. As a general rule, site is dedicated to promote the Toronto Mahavihara activities and the Buddhist philosophy without any discrimination whatsoever: race, gender, color and religious belief. The content should therefore be strictly to promote religious needs of the Buddhists or those interested in Buddhism in Canada or anywhere in the world.

    4. Commercials/advertisements:
      • Only the events directly sanctioned by the Society/temple with 100% net revenue granted to the well being of the temple will be permitted.
      • No commercials advertisements will be permitted.

  1. The content of the following nature will be strictly prohibited:
    • Posts which seek to offend directly or, purposefully disrespect to the Toronto Mahavihara, Toronto Mahavihara Society or its individual members.
    • Posts which use discrimination against other religions or faiths.
    • Posts that contain illegal material
    • Post that can be used for political Party propaganda.
    • Posts that seek to promote discrimination, hate, or violence either within or outside of the
    • Posts which seek to disrupt the functioning of the community itself, such as attacks against other Buddhist religious sites.
    • Posts that can be used to promote business ventures


    Please note that only the own materials should be published in the website. Ensure that no copyright has been violated before publishing any documents, pictures, audio or videos. Also, should use "References" with Author's Name/Title wherever you refer to any section or part of any reference document.

    Please also note that CR cannot allow the posting of material from other copyright holders. The posting of entire articles, or other large volume content, from other websites will be viewed as copyright infringement and will be removed.


    All opinions expressed are those of the authors, and neither the owners of CR nor the developers of any software used on the site will be held responsible or liable for any messages or their omissions