Venerable Udupihille Wimalabuddhi Mahathera

 Born on April 9 1947 at Udupihilla, a historical village in the district of Mathale, Venerable Wimalabuddhi, upon completion of required monastic training, was ordained a sāmanera (novice) on June 10 1957 at Vidyaratna Pirivena (monastic college) at Weragoda, under the tutelage of Most Venerable Pundit Mahalakotuwe Sri Ratanasara Nayake Mahathera, Chief Sangha Nayake (Patriarch) for the Disāve (County) of Mathale, as his first student. He received his Upasampadā (Higher Ordination) on May 31 1967 at the Malwathu Mahavihara in Kandy. Venerable Wimalabuddhi, having completed his primary and secondary monastic education at Vidyaratna Pirivena at Weragoda, entered the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura in 1970, and earned his B.A. general degree in Pali, History and Sinhala, and his B. Ed Honours specializing in education. He earned his M.A. in Buddhist Studies from the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka in 1992.

 From 1975 through 2002, Venerable Wimalabuddhi Mahathera taught at government schools in different parts of Sri Lanka.  He taught at Nalanda College in Colombo, a prestigious national college in Sri Lanka,   during last fifteen years of his educational service, as a teacher of moral education.

 In 2002, the Mahathera came to Canada at the invitation of the Toronto Mahavihara Buddhist Meditation Centre to be a resident monk of it. He continues his spiritual service in Canada as Principal of the Mahavihara Sunday School and TMV Religious Affairs Coordinator.